Sunday, October 11, 2009

Strengthening the Country's Core: Target Rural Children

Nichelodeon's Back at the Barnyard

Not so far from the truth, the threat to family farms and ranches is very real and has been for a couple of decades. Farms and ranches employ farm and ranch hands who support families, loss of these job contributes to the high unemployment in rural areas of the U.S.

The Forgotten Fifth The Daily Yonder

--> Rural children experience 3% more poverty than those in metropolitan areas and are more isolated from the social learning experiences and independent learning potential more possible in metropolitan areas. In addition to loss of employment, these children's families are also more likely to be affected by one or more of the great number of challenges that hits rural areas:

The Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire

  • Unemployment
  • Wars greatly affect rural areas: Armed services are the primary employer
  • Idol-ness and apathy--no work, no exposure, no interests cultivated, despair
  • Crystal Methamphedamine

Poverty and Malheur County families
In 1999, 1,080 of Malheur County’s 7,421 families lived in poverty (14.6 percent). Of the 1,080 families in poverty, 70.6 percent (762 families) had a household member who worked and 25.6 percent (277 families) had a full-time year-
round worker

Access to health education:
If these children manage to avoid these troubling challenges, they are generally physically strong, having had some exposure to farm work or school athletics; have not been affected by air or sound pollution; have not been pushed by a high-speed pace; will help their neighbor in a bind; and will generally be open to the kindness of others and offer it in turn.

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Rural Strategies

The Ford Family Foundation of Oregon

ART Helps--antidote for apathy: development of independent project-directed thinking, ability to envision and engage over a long period of time.

The GreaterGood Magazine: Arts and Smarts by Karin Evans

The Dana Foundation: Learning, Arts and the Brain, 2009 Study

Michael Gazzaniga, PhD. on the Arts and the Brain, video (4:00)
Project Zero: Howard Gardner, To Open Minds

ERIC: Art, Music and Crafts in Secondary Education


Americans for the Arts
Arts Education Partnership
Keep Arts In Schools
Lincoln Center Institute
National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
National Endowment for the Arts
State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education
U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Innovation and Improvement has been engaging children with art and its process in rural Oregon since 2003 bringing international cinema, giving filmmaking workshops and telling their stories.